N Gauge Model Scale

N Gauge Summary
Region Scale Ratio Track Gauge mm per ft
British 1:148 9 mm 2.06
European & USA 1:160 9 mm 1.9
Japanese 1:150 9 mm 2.03

Model Weight

National Model Railroad Association Recommended Practice RP-20.1 - Car Weight 0.5 ounce weight plus .15 ounce per 1inch of truck

Conversion Table
1.0 oz = 28.3495 g
0.5 oz = 14.175 g
0.15 oz = 4.25 g

Model Lengths

Approximate length of my trains I use to calculate block and station lengths.

Train Length
1 coach 16cm
2 coaches 32cm
3 coaches 48cm
4 coaches 64cm (about 25in)
5 coaches 80cm
6 coaches 96cm (about 38in)

DCC Termination

It has been suggested that DCC line should be terminated with a filter made of 150R resistor and a 0.1uF capacitor (or 1k and 0.01uF) in series across the ends. For scales HO and N, a half watt resistor is the minimum. The capacitor should be at least 50v DC.

I have not tried this and so can not comment on it's viability.

Screw Sizes

Metric Imperial
3mm 4
3.5mm 6
4mm 8
4.5mm 9
5mm 10
6mm 12

Screw Lengths

Metric Imperial
12mm 1/2in
16mm 5/8in
20mm 3/4in
25mm 1in
30mm 1.25in
40mm 1.5in