Things To Do (Short Term)

Last updated: 24-Jan-2020
  • Change Light-DEC DCC addresses and update database
  • Test Light Display Module (LDM) wityh new addresses
  • Wire up 12v power suppy
  • Program DCC address and test Light Power Module (LPM)
  • Wire up and test LDM bucks
  • Wire up and test LPM bucks
  • Empirically determine resistors for batch of 1000 LEDs
  • Update navigation buttons on web site so the whole button is the link (for Dave!)
  • Plan & build "test" shelf power and DCC components
  • Test, Number and label new Cobalt point motors (18)
  • Empirically determine resistors for batch of 4 boxes of 500 coloured LEDs
  • Build some Faller kits, especially the bridges.
  • Layout station complex on 9mm ply
    • Mark up station position
    • Cut holes for platform lighting
    • Mark up track and point motor position
    • Decide on mounting all: station & track underlay
    • ... and more, much more
  • Plan Light-DEC -> LDM/LPM -> Bucks -> fuses -> LEDs layout (if possible)
    • Location of LEDs
    • Location of Fuses & bucks
    • Location and mounting method of LDM & LPMs
    • Assign Type of output from LDM or LPM
    • Wiring & labelling