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Flap Design

This page shows the drop down flaps I built to mount electronic components and modules on my model rail baseboard. At this stage, there is nothing mounted!

Both hinges and magnetic catches were bough from eBay and the nylon bolts, washers and nuts from Orbital Fasteners

This picture shows one of the flaps from the inside, note two hinges (at the rear) and the magnetic catch (at the front)

Picture of flaps inside
Click on picture for full size 10.0MB photo.

This is a close up one of the two metal hinges holding each flap in place and the nylon bolds used to mount them.

Picture of flaps hinge inside
Click on picture for full size 7.6MB photo.

Here is the magnetic catch used to keep the flap closed. The screw holding the metal plate goes through the 6mm ply and into the 2cm x 2cm soft wood handle.

Picture of catch inside
Click on picture for full size 6.9MB photo.

Next is a view from the underneath where you can see parts of six flaps. You can view the wooden handle that glued and screwed from the other side through the magnetic catch plate.

Picture of flaps outside
Click on picture for full size 7.1MB photo.

.. and finally, the flap dropped ready for action!!.

Picture of flaps outside, dropped
Click on picture for full size 10.5MB photo.

I intend to mount the components parts using the nylon bolts and some 4mm spacers (found on eBay)