Construction 2018

Progress Log 2018

This is the 2018 progress log for my model rail build after 5 years of not having enough time. So many things to do before I can even get started.

August 2018

Started cleaning 5 years of dust and dirt from the room !

I bought and built another dozen or so Faller models so I could have something to do in the evenings as the light had blown in the train room and I did'nt have any spares.

Ceiling Fan Light Bulb
Initially, my mistake, I ordered the wrong length. Then the second order was not as advertised. The third order the dog ate, yes, she really did eat the glass bulbs and packaging, but left the ceramic ends ! Finally, the fourth order gave me light !

September 2018

While searching for a soldering iron I found two large boxes of unmade Pola and Faller models that I bought 5-6 years ago ! I also found 5 soldering irons !

Updated the RR & Co software to Version 9.0 A4 and fixed a few minor errors in my Perl programmes that read the MySQL database tables where empty entries and NULLs are treated as different.

Planned the main station layout and soldered the first two pieces of track !

October 2018

Mounted 3 Lenx LA152 XpressNET Adapters and some push to latch switches as emergency stop for the Lenz DCC system.

Added a new "Addressing" database and Perl code to create the DCC Address Assignments page as it was becoming too difficult to maintain manually.

I have designed the station complex layout and, after struggling for some time, managed to simulate it on Train Controller.

I have validated all the HTML pages and CSS with the online validators. I had to make a lot of changes to migrate more fully to the latest CSS level.

November 2018

After tidying up I have found over 100 kits that need building !!

This Web Site
I have spent a week changing all the CSS and HTML (all manually written) to be compliant with the latest standards and to, hopefully, be "mobile responsive". Some pages will not fit due to their tabular nature.

December 2018

I have finished updating the web site and uploaded the changes. Just waiting for the "constructive comments".