Construction 2020

Progress Log 2020

This is the 2020 progress log for my model rail build. Hopefully, off to a flying start...

It's now 2020 and the fence needs replacing ! Perhaps some crowd funding required  ! LOL

January 2020

I have updated this web site by creating a new Documentation directory and moved various notes and reference material into that directory. Some documentation and manuals have also been updated. Most of the MySQL pages have been updated because of the additional navigation buttons.

If you get a 404, page not found error, please go back and refresh the previous page. Unfortunately, I can't help if it is a cached Goole search page.

Just for Dave, I have updated the navigation buttons to use CSS to make the whole button work as a link instead of just the text.

The LDT LS-DEC-BR modules arrived from various sources last month and I have programmed them after a bit of a struggle. The instructions are a little strange and don't make clear that the base address has to be divisible by four plus 1. See my notes here

The LDT Light-DEC has also arrived. I have downloaded the English manuals which can be found under Manuals, LDT.

I did discover a small issue with the DCC addressing from my Lenz LZV100, see Addressing Issue.

I have successfully tested the DCC capabilities of the Light-DEC module connected to a Light Display Module and a Light Power Module. One more of each to go !

I am about to set the voltage and test a couple of the two types of "buck" modules before buying the rest of the 128 that I need. Then I have to set up the voltage on all 128 of them !

An overview of my planned lighting setup. I just need to build and test a prototype !

I have built two suspended trays to hold the heavy electronics for the second train room where I plan to have a two tier fiddle yard. I have also built one suspended tray for the main train room.

Faller Kits
I got carried away on eBay & Amazon and bought another ten or so small kits of houses and bridges. I now only have about 50 waiting to be built !!! Which reminds me, I need to start updating the Models pages with my own photos of the many kits I have already built.

February 2020

Nothing to report yet

Sorry, you'll have to wait until I do something !