Filename Formats

Web Pages

The web pages are created by a batch job reading data from a MySql database I created to hold a record of my rail associated models. The database has not yet been fully populated!

Web Pages Example Description
Coaches coach_fleischmann_8190.htm 8190 = model number
Decoders decoder_99-90.htm 99 = manufacturer code, 90 = version number
Engines engine_0207.htm 0207 = DCC address
Models model_faller_212108.htm Faller = manufacturer and 212108 = model identifier
Trains train_9000.htm 9000 to 9999 has no meaning, but I will use it for combinations of engines, coaches and wagons.
However, I may change this as CV19 (Advance Consist Address) uses a "Short Address" witch has a maximum number of 127
Wagons wagon_dapol_nb-076g.htm nb-076g = model number

The DCC accessory addressing database is extracted and formatted into the addressing.htm

Railroad & Co.

Railroad & Co. is the software I use on the Windows computer to control my DCC model trains. These files are not available on this website but are retained on one of my local computers.

Used by Railroad & Co. Example Description
Train Animator d-nd-122d D = Dapol, nd-122d = model number
Train Programmer 012_d-nd-122d 012 = DCC address, D=Dapol, nd-122d = model number
Train Controller Description 012 - Class 43 - description - d-nd-122d 012 = DCC address, "Class 43 - description" = train description, D=Dapol, nd-122d = model number