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The following information has been collated from the older Peco web site for my own use.

Peco Finescale Code 55

Part Description Radius Length Angle
SL-E380F Single Slip 511mm (20 1/8in) 154mm (6 1/16in) 10°
SL-E383F Scissors crossing medium radius 457mm (18in) 271mm (10 11/16in) 10°
SL-E386F Right curved double radius turnout Outside: 914 mm (36 in)
Inside: 457mm (18in)
160mm (6 5/16in) 10°
SL-E387F Left curved double radius turnout
SL-E388F Right large radius turnout 762mm (36in) 164mm (6 7/16in) 10°
SL-E389F Left large radius turnout
SL-E390F Double slip 511mm (20 1/8in) 154mm (6 1/16in) 10°
SL-E391F Right small radius turnout 305mm (12in) 123mm (4 27/32in) 10°
SL-E392F Left small radius turnout
SL-E393F Short crossing 104mm (4 1/32in) 20°
SL-E394F Long crossing - 154mm (6 1/16in) 10°
SL-E395F Right medium radius turnout 457mm (18in) 137mm (5 3/8in) 10°
SL-E396F Left medium radius turnout
SL-E397F Y turnout, medium radius 610mm (24in) 124mm (4 7/8in) 10°
SL-E399F Assymetric 3 way turnout 457mm (18in) 153mm (6in) 10°
SL-300F Flexitrack - Wooden sleepers - 914mm (36in) -
SL-302F Flexitrack - Concrete sleepers

Peco Set Track

Part Description
ST1 Standard Straight
ST-1 Standard Straight
ST-2 Short Straight
ST-3 No 1 Radius Standard Curve
ST-4 No 1 Radius Half Curve
ST-5 No 1 Radius R/H Turnout
ST-6 No 1 Radius L/H Turnout
ST-12 No 1 Radius Double Curve
ST-14 No 2 Radius Standard Curve
ST-15 No 2 Radius Double Curve
ST-16 No 3 Radius Standard Curve
ST-17 No 3 Radius Double Curve
ST-18 No 4 Radius Standard Curve
ST-19 No 4 Radius Double Curve
ST-50 Short Crossing R/H
ST-51 Short Crossing L/H
Radius Number Radius
1st Radius 9in (228mm)
2nd Radius 10 3/8in (263.5mm)
3rd Radius 11 3/4in (298.5mm)
4th Radius 13 1/8in.(333.4mm)