Faller 242312

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Model Details
Model: Faller 242312
Status: Built in 2003 
Description: Ferris Wheel 
Detail: This kit contains 222 parts.

Additional equipment not included is the Faller 242312 Ferris Wheel Bulb Set and the Faller 180629 Motor.


The white plasic frame of the ferris wheel is about the same thickness as a household match. You can also see the wires running along the inside edges of the ferris wheel supplying power via the brass rivets with holes that support the chairs. The bulb leads are electrically connected via push fit metalrods that push into the roof of the chair and rest inside the holes in the brass rivets. Each chair is made up of 5 plastic parts, 3 metal parts and a bulb.


  • Yellow & Brown are for Faller 242312 Ferris Wheel Bulb Set and supply power to a miniature bulb in each chair. You can just see the wire fom the central feed to the outside of the ferris wheel on the strut at the 8 o'clock position.
  • Black supply the two lights illuminating the red entry sign over the steps. These were included in the base kit.
  • Green supply the power to the Faller 180629 Motor that drives the ferris wheel round. The motor is housed in the blue shed at the back of the model.
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Model: Faller 242312
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