This table is generated from the mySQL table containing a list of all the wagons I own. Please click on the wagon image to view a more detailed entry.

Note that this data is incomplete and only contains a few sample entries.

Picture Era Description Livery Model #
  Megafret Wagon 33 68 490 9 918-4 (Weathered)  Less CO2  Dapol NB-076G
  Pair of 2 FEAB spine wagons with containers  Freightliner  Dapol NB-116D
  DB Sliding Wall Car  Ford  Fleischmann 808370
  DB Stake Car    Fleischmann 8202
  Car Transporter Wagon & 4 cars    Fleischmann 8225
  DB Container Wagon - "Bad Rechenhaller" Epoch V    Fleischmann 8240
  Container Wagon - "Hanjin"  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8244
  Container Wagon - "Noraisia"  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8249
  Container Wagon with white container "OOCL" green container "Evergreen"  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8250
  Rolling Roof  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8293
Epoch: V  DB High Sided Wagon  DB Cargo Red  Fleischmann 8294K
  DB Double Deck Car Transporter - 8 cars    Fleischmann 8296
  DRG gray boxcar "Live fish"    Fleischmann 8307
  DB Self Refrigerator - "Bitburger"    Fleischmann 8322
  DB Self Refrigerator - "Weihenstephan"    Fleischmann 8329
  DB Self Refrigerator - "Schweppes"    Fleischmann 8343
  DB "Inter Cargo" Sliding Wall    Fleischmann 8370
  Sliding Wall  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8372
  Sliding Wall  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8375
  Telescopic Hooded Wagon  DB Cargo  Fleischmann 8386
  DB Tank Car "Shell"    Fleischmann 8481
  DB Hopper Wagon    Fleischmann 8510
Epoch: V  DB Hopper Wagon  DB Cargo Red  Fleischmann 8515K
Epoch: V  DB Hopper Wagon  DB Cargo Red  Fleischmann 8517K
  DB Wide body Hopper Wagon    Fleischmann 8523
Epoch: 1V, V  DB High Capacity Coal Wagon with Load  DB Red brown RAL 8012  Fleischmann 852402
  Bogie Wagon with 3x20ft containers  Freightliner  Graham Farish 3605
  Bogie Wagon with 2x30ft containers  Freightliner  Graham Farish 3616
  100 ton Tanker Bogie Wagon (Shell/BP)  Black  Graham Farish 3705
  PCA Wagon - Rugby Cement    Graham Farish 373-002D 10 
  PGA Aggregate Hopper - British Industrial Sand    Graham Farish 373-030B 10 
  29 Ton VBA Box Van  Railfreight  Graham Farish 373-052B
  VBA Box Van  Railfreight  Graham Farish 373-052C
  31 Ton OAA Open Plank Wagon   Railfreight Red & Grey  Graham Farish 373-403B
  63tf bogie wagon with 3 P&O Netlloyd containers    Graham Farish 373-454a
  46T VGA sliding wall van (weathered)  Railfreight Speedlink  Graham Farish 373-601B 16 
  48 Ton VGA Sliding Wall Van (weathered)  Railfreight  Graham Farish 373-602B
  DBA Open Wagon  Railfreight  Graham Farish 373-626C
  Intermodal bogie wagons with 2 45ft containers    Graham Farish 377-352A
  20 Ton brake van BR flush ends  Railfreight  Graham Farish 377-535
  31 Tonne OCA dropside open wagon  Railfreight Red  Graham Farish 377-551
  31 Tonne OCA dropside open wagon  Railfreight Red  Graham Farish 377-551A
  80 Tonne BDA bogie bolster wagon  Railfreight Red  Graham Farish 377-601A
  MOA Megabox low sided bogie box wagon with buffers - EWS    Graham Farish 377-652
  SPA Wagon with Steel Coils  Railfreight Red  Graham Farish 377-725
  SPA Wagon with Steel Coils  Railfreight Metal Sector  Graham Farish 377-726
  22 Ton Presflo Bulk Powder Wagon  Blue Circle Bulk Cement - Brown  Graham Farish 377-827 12 
  20ft 9in OAA Wagon  Railfreight Speedlink - Red / Grey  Graham Farish 3805
  20ft 9in VBA Van  Railfreight Speedlink - Red / Grey  Graham Farish 3905
  Container Wagon 20ft 9in  BR  Graham Farish 4005
  16ft PresFlow Tank Wagon  Cerestar  Graham Farish 4212
  16 ft Bulk Powder (PCA)  Ketton Cement  Graham Farish 4315
  16ft 38 Ton Covered Hopper  British Industrial Sand  Graham Farish 4511
  - Sliding Wall Car  DB Cargo  Minitrix 13902
  - Hopper Wagon  DB Cargo  Minitrix 13903
  - Roll Roof Car  DB Cargo  Minitrix 13904
  - Stake Car  DB Cargo  Minitrix 13906
Epoch: V  2 cars loaded with removable truck trailers, 2 cars loaded with 20" containers  German Railroad  Minitrix 15043
  4 Trailers with interchangeable loads    Minitrix 15045
  Tank Car    Minitrix 15112
  Freight Car Set - Era 2    Minitrix 15122
  gravel car set 3 cars  SBB  Minitrix 15123
  Piggyback Flat Car Set - French    Minitrix 15146
  Sliding Wall Boxcar Set - Swiss    Minitrix 15166
  Grain Silo Container Car Set - Belgian State Railways    Minitrix 15169
  Flat Car Set - German Federal Railroad type Ssym 46. Built starting in 1942 for the German State Railroad Company    Minitrix 15182
  hopper cars (set of 4)  DB Cargo  Minitrix 15209
  KLV Flat Car    Minitrix 15211
  Freight Car    Minitrix 15224
  Flat Car with Setra bus and 16 plug-stakes    Minitrix 15236
  Gravel truck. Set of 3 each 4x red "Huntwangen"    Minitrix 15601
  Tank Car - Austrian Federal Railways    Minitrix 15624
  Container Wagon - Austria    Minitrix 15677
  Open Wagon, 15ft Wheelbase  Railfreight Red & Grey  Peco NR-11R
  Van, 15ft Wheelbase  Railfreight Red & Grey  Peco NR-12R
  Brake Van, BR bauxite, 15ft Wheelbase    Peco NR-28B
  Brake Van, NE bauxite, 15ft Wheelbase    Peco NR-28E
  Brake Van  Railfreight Red & Grey  Peco NR-28R
  Fish Van, BR White, 15ft Wheelbase    Peco NR-6B
  Tube Wagon, 15ft Wheelbase  Railfreight Red & Grey  Peco NR-7R
  Parcels Van, BR light blue, 15ft Wheelbase    Peco NR-9B
  Pallet Van  Ford Blue  Peco NR-P55
  Pallet van "Ford" B787044    Peco NR-P57A
  Pallet van "Ford" B787047    Peco NR-P57B
  Pallet van "Ford" B787398    Peco NR-P57C
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "Grants"    Peco NR-P64
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "Dewars"    Peco NR-P65
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "Grain"    Peco NR-P66
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "Abbotts Choice"    Peco NR-P67
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "John Haigh"    Peco NR-P68
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "White Horse"    Peco NR-P69
  Grain Hopper Wagons - "Maltsters Association"    Peco NR-P70
  Tank Wagon, (Type B) - "ICI Caustic Soda"    Peco NR-P71
  Tank Wagon, (Type C) - "Albright & Wilson"    Peco NR-P75
  Coal, 5 plank, "John Allbutt"    Peco NR-P88
Epoch: V  Sliding Wall Car - "EPA"  SBB  Roco 25171
Epoch: IV  Sliding Wall Car - "Roland Zwieback"  SBB  Roco 25224
Epoch: V  Sliding Wall Car - "Midor"  SBB  Roco 25229
Epoch: IV  Tank Car - "Latex"  DB  Roco 25251
Epoch: V  Tank Car - "Rexwal"  SBB  Roco 25255
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