This table is generated from the mySQL table containing a list of the model kits I have built. Please click on the model image to view a more detailed entry.

Note that this data is incomplete and only contains a few entries from 2003!!!.

Picture Description Manufacturer Model Size (LxWxH) #
Three Suburban Houses  Faller  (23)2221   
Two Suburban Houses  Faller  (23)2222   
Two Houses Under Construction  Faller  (23)2223   
Two Houses (1 with Shop)  Faller  (23)2224   

'Schwarzach' station  Faller  212108  25.1x12.0x7.4 cm  

'Schwarzburg' station  Faller  212111   
Gas storage tank  Faller  222130   
Two Oil storage tanks  Faller  222131   
Fuel depot  Faller  222132   
Trackside decoration  Faller  222178   
Two Houses with Garages  Faller  2258   
Block of Flats  Faller  2292   
Village church  Faller  232241   
Moated castle  Faller  232242   
Windmill  Faller  232250   
Black forest house  Faller  232256   

Black forest mill  Faller  232257   

Row of 3 town houses  Faller  232266   
'Pills Bar' city pub  Faller  232268   
'Volksbank' townhouse  Faller  232269   
'St Martins Gate' in Freiburg  Faller  232270   

Block of 3 town houses  Faller  232274   
Hotel 'Sonner'  Faller  232275   
'The Sun' travel agency  Faller  232276   
Corner drug store  Faller  232277   
'Franken' tudor house  Faller  232280   
'Rothenburg' inn  Faller  232282   
Old City gate  Faller  232284   
Guild house  Faller  232293   
Town wall set  Faller  232350   

Farm  Faller  232360   

Ferris wheel   Faller  242312   
Chairoplane   Faller  242315   
Childrens roundabout  Faller  242316   
Two Fun fair stalls  Faller  242320   
Two Fun fair stalls  Faller  242321   
Two Alpine chalets  Kibri  7002   
Village church  Kibri  7004   
Railway Inn  Kibri  7114   
Waiting for weathering
Waiting for detailing
Waiting for Build
Not yet classified