General Jokes

Accident Excuses
Are You Employable?
A New Exercise Program
A Woman and A Mans Prayer
Bug Warning... A Serious Bug has been reported in the upgrade to wife 1.0.
Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged
Corporate Lessons
Cricket: As explained to foreign visitors Who is in and out
For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously
Have You Ever Wondered....
How much does a brain cost?
How to speak Womanese
Le or La...
Life is the wrong way around!
Marriage Advice From Kids
News Interview
Parental Excuses
Ralph and Edna
Sarah Pipalini
Seasonal Greetings From your lawyer?
Signs Seen Somewhere
Student Drinking
Texting for senior citizens
The Atheist & The Bear
The Red Indian With One Testicle
The Organisation
The Frog Princess And The Engineer
The Vet
Useful Work Phrases
US vs Canada
When You Cry
Wine - Who Knew?
Who is Santa? Does he really exist? Who knows the answer?
Who is your role model?
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Witches - Oh No!
You know you've had too much coffee when...